The Robert Gordon (born abt 1784-1854) of the Seton-Gordon branch of Scotland in America - DNA and conventional research






 12 Gordon families of Madison County, KY

The following may be of interest to Gordon researchers focusing on VA, NC, KY and TN.

There are 12 distinct Gordon families spending at least some time in central-KY during the late-1700s and early 1800s. Some of these families most likely related.

All Gordon families below have been researched by both descendants and through my own research. I am also including allied family names, where I can. When all summarized into one source, you can see some potential clues of interrelatedness.

DNA has so far proven that Gordon families ONE and TWO below, descending respectively from Robert Gordon (b. 1773) and David Gordon (b. 1770) are closely related. There is a high probability that they were brothers or first cousins.

The Gordon DNA Projecthas also proven that family No. 7 (Samuel Gordon) is not related to Gordon families one and two, Robert and David Gordon. Although Samuel did also have a son named Robert; therefore, there were two Robert Gordons in Madison Co. KY at the same time in the late 1770s.

Also, of interest, is plat records indicate that several of the Madison Co. KY Gordon families migrated together between 1800 and 1810 to Warren Co TN.


1. Robert GORDON (born abt. 1773-1784 NC - d. 1854) + married most likely a Sarah ROBERTSON/ROBINSON in 1805 in Madison Co. KY. Robert may be the son of a William GORDON. Sarah was the daughter of Samuel ROBERTSON and Elizabeth HARRIS, who was the daughter of Chris Harris and Mary Elizabeth DABNEY family in VA. She may have first married a James MCNEELY in 1792.

NC > KY (Madison Co) > TN (Warren Co) > MO

1. William George GORDON (b.1810 Warren Co TN) m. Sarah Jane "Sukey" WALLING
2. Martha/Patsy GORDON (b. 1813 Warren Co TN) m. James WALLING
3. Isaac GORDON (b. 1815 Warren Co TN - 1859 Gordonville, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
4. Sally GORDON (b. 1820 Warren Co TN) m. a Mr. SMITH
5. James Madison GORDON (1828 Warren Co TN - 1892 Gorin, Scotland County, Missouri) m. Jane BYARS
6. David/Davidson GORDON (b.1830 Warren Co TN) m. (Martha Ann THAMES) MOBLEY
7. Jane GORDON (b. 1835 Warren Co. TN Warren Co TN) m. a Mr. GUSHAM
8. Benjamin Franklin GORDON (b. 1838 Warren Co TN) - never married

Possible allied family names:

T. A. Gordon, Jim Gordon, Larry and Nedra Gordon, Charles and Margaret Witt, Leta Donohue, "Kay" T K Myers, Kay Fleming (descendant of Hoppers and Byars), Ann (Gordon) Olbekson

DNA Kits:
GG2, 6670, 9310



2. David GORDON (1770 - 1849) married Jane -Jinney- BOYLE (b. 1780 Richmond KY - 1840) - daughter of John BOYLE (1750 - 1824) and Jane BLACK (1751 - 1801)

NC>KY>MO (Boone, Carroll, Howard Co.s MO)

1. Joseph M. GORDON (b. 1796)
2. Elizabeth GORDON (b. 1797) m. Azariah DOTY
3. John Boyle -Jack- GORDON (b. 1798 - Milford, Madison Co KY d. 1853, Columbia MO) m. Sophia HAWKINS - daughter of Nicholas HAWKINS
- Martha GORDON m. Judge Robert CLINKSCALES
- Ida GORDON m. Prof Oren ROOT Jr.
- Boyle GORDON b. 1825 Madison Co KY m. 1st Susan WATSON m. 2nd Ann
GENTRY daughter of Col Richard GENTRY of Madison Co KY
- Wellington GORDONb. 1838 m Laura AMONETT (had 5 children)
- Carey GORDON b. 1844 m Julia LONG
- Emmett GORDON
4. Polly GORDON Born (b. 1798 Madison Co KY) m. CLARK
5. Thomas Jefferson GORDON b. 1804 - Madison Co KY, md. Dr. Thomas Jefferson Gordon. Dr. Gordon married Mary Elizabeth Stoude. He died April 23, 1867 and was born July 27, 1806.
6. Mary GORDON (b. 1800 Madison Co KY - 1862)
7. George Washington GORDON (1802 Madison Co KY - 1860) m1: Elizabeth ?? m2: Harriet
8. Emily GORDON (b. 1804 Madison Co KY) m. John GUITAR - a native of France
9. William M. GORDON (b. 1808 - 1858 Livingston Co MO) m. Dulcena (Bundrum?)
10. James Madison GORDON (b. 1810 Madison Co KY - 1875 Columbia MO)
11. Sallie GORDON (b. 1812 Madison Co KY - 1812)
12. Charles Wilkins GORDON (b. 1814 Madison Co KY - 1853 Boone Co MO) m. Meloney
13. Benjamin Franklin GORDON (b. 1817 Madison Co KY - 1823)
14. David GORDON Jr. (b. 1819 - 1895 Carollton, Carroll Co MO)
15. Jane GORDON (b. 1822 Madison Co KY - 1885 Carollton, Carroll Co MO) m. William Wilson

1. Three David GORDONs mentioned in 1796 Madison Co. KY Tax List - one was a David GORDON Sr.
2. Two David GORDONs mentioned in 1797 Madison Co. KY Tax List - one was a David GORDON Sr.
3. History of Grindstone Nature Area and Boone County, Mo History.
4 . David GORDON may have been the son of a Marshall GORDON
5 . David GORDON helped establish Columbia Missouri

Analysis: The Boyle name also appears in the family of Polly Gordon who first married a Samuel Black, then married a John Gordon. Samuel was the son of James BLACK and Elizabeth/Polly BOYLE of Albemarle VA.

Valerie Finnerty (2/3 down the page)     

Cathy B. Slaughter:
Joyce Stark
Beryl Gordon family files


3. James GORDON (1784-1820) +md. Elizabeth STOCKSTILL in Madison Co. KY

MD > KY (Madison Co) > TN (Warren Co) > AR (Washington Co)

1. Laura GORDEN (b. 1805)
2. Nancy GORDEN (b. 1806) m. Jonathan PARISH.
3. Melvina GORDEN (b. 1807) m. Clint DAVENPORT.
4. Mary Elizabeth/Pollie GORDEN (b. 1807) m. William SKELTON
5. Rebekah GORDEN (b. 1809)
6. Parthena GORDEN (b. 1810 TN) m. Thomas BANKS.
7. Louanna (Le Wanna) GORDEN (b. 1811) m. Alexander STANFIELD.
8. Troy Washington GORDEN (b. 1812 TN).
9. Rachel Pruner GORDEN (b. 1815, Bedford Co.TN) m. Hosea Green CARDWEL
10. Pheba (Phila?) Ann GORDEN (b. 1818, TN) m. Jeptha IRBY.

Ann Deemer
Gordon Skelton
Lou Nelson
Loretta J. Gilkey


4. Richard GORDON (1766 - 1840) m. first Susannah ___ abt 1787; second m. to unknown abt. 1800.

VA (Pittsylvania, Henry, Russell Co.s) > NC (Wilkes Co) > Georgia (Wilkes Co) > KY (Madison, Cumberland Co.s) > TN (Sumner, Robertson, Jackson Co.s)

Children with Susannah:
1. Elizabeth GORDON
2. Lottie GORDON
3. Docia GORDON m. Thomas SCOTT

Children with second unknown wife:
4. James C. GORDON (b abt 1805) in Kentucky and m. Martha J. (b abt 1819) in Virginia
5. LeRoy GORDON (b abt 1814) m. Sarah PRICE
6. Sarah "Sallie" GORDON (b abt 1816) in Jackson Co. TN d: in Hamilton Co. Illinois and m. Elisha SANDERS, Jr.
7. Abby GORDON
8. Nancy GORDON
9. Margaret GORDON (b abt 1832) in Jackson Co TN and m. first to James BOWLES; second to Jacob LITTLE; third to George W. ABNEY

1. 1790, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1796, 1797 Madison Co. Tax Lists
2. Arrived in Jackson Co. TN abt. 1811
3. Probable ties to MOSS family of Russel Co VA

4. Also found in early Pittsylvania VA (1760s) were Revd Alexander Gordon, Archibald Gordon, Jno. Gordon and Samuel Gordon. These 4 Gordons may have been related to Richard Gordon and one may be his father.

Cathy B. Slaughter
Joyce Stark


5. David G. GORDON

1. Polly GORDON +1 Samuel BLACK (c 1770-c1806) md. in Madison Co. KY, then moved to Warren Co TN and secondly md. John GORDON

1. Three David GORDONs mentioned in 1796 Madison Co. KY Tax - one was a David GORDON Sr.
2. Two David GORDONs mentioned in 1797 Madison Co. KY Tax List - one was a David GORDON Sr.
3. On the marriage certificate of Polly GORDON, a Richard GORDON is listed as Bondsman.

4. Samuel Black was the son of James Black and Eleanor/Ellender Boyle.

Cathy B. Slaughter
Joyce Stark
Cecile Harrell


6. David GORDON (b. abt 1725-1730)

Will of David GORDON signed 2 Jul 1814 & recorded in Madison Co 1 Jul 1816. m. a Ms. Siler.

Scotland? > VA (King and Queen Co) > NC (Surry Co) > GA (Wilkes Co) SC (Greenville Co) > KY (Garrard, Adair, Madison, Wayne, Edmonson Co.s) > IL (Union, Jackson Co.s)

1. Jesse GORDON b. 1755 VA (King and Queen County) m. first to an Eleanor, then 2nd to Mary (aka Nancy) Simpson and d. 1850 in Jackson Co. IL.
2. Albin/Alban/Albion GORDON.

John Gordon Jr. and Tyree Harris, Witness

Jesse Gordon was a Rev. War Vet
Jesse Gordon may have married 3 times and had as many as 12 children

Mary Moyer
Cathy B. Slaughter


7. Samuel GORDON Sr. (1730 - 1808)
+md. Barbara CAMERON

NC > KY > TN > MO & AL

Scotland > VA (Lincoln, Spotsylvania Co.s) > NC (Bean Station, NC is now a part of Grainger TN) > KY (Garrard, Lincoln, Madison, Woodford Co.s KY) > TN (Giles, Maury, Williamson Co.s TN)


1. Barbara GORDON m. John KENNEDY
2. David Marion GORDON m. Ailsie EDWARDS
3. Evander GORDON (b. 1761)
4. Robert D. GORDON (b. 1763 VA) m. Mary KENNEDY.
5. Elizabeth GORDON (b. 1765 Lancaster VA)
6. Samuel GORDON Jr., (b. 1769 North Carolina)

Came to Madison Co KY as early as 1779, then Maury and Giles Co TN abt 1808
Received a VA land grant for Lincoln Co. KY in 1782


DNA Kits:
6679, 23215



8. Howard GORDON b. 23 Feb 1789 VA m Polly WOODWARD Estill Co KY 20 Sept 1813 - daughter of Bartlett and Priscella (Donnelly) WOODWARD. Bartlett was sheriff of Estill Co KY 1814/1816. He later migrated to Monroe Co IN.

Howard m 2nd Mary SHIELDS b. 28 Jan 1801 Knox County, TN dau of John and
Hannah (McClurg) SHIELDS m. abt 1820 Washington County, IN.

VA > KY > TN > IL, IN, MO, OK

Howard Gordon and Polly (Woodward) GORDON children:
1. Alfred GORDON (b. 1815) Estill Co KY
2. Ruth GORDON (b. 1817) Estill Co KY. m. Luke BOWMAN b. 1827 TN - both
died Clay Co IL

Howard GORDON and Mary (Shields) GORDON had 11 children all born Washington Co IN.

1. Sarah (Sally) GORDON (b. 5 Dec 1816) to Mary SHIELDS (adopted by Howard) m Morris
Thomas DENNY b. Mercer Co. KY
2. John GORDON b. Dec 1820 m. Elvina KENDERED (b. 1815 VA -1854 Appanoose Co IA) John d. 1885 same place.
3. David GORDON (15 Nov 1821 - 14 May 1863) m Lovey BOLING b. 1 Oct 1821 NC d. 17 Oct 1881 Washington Co IN
4. William GORDON (1824 - 1910) Mercer Co. IL m Mary Wheeler b. abt 1827 Ohio
5. Hannah b. 1824 d. Mercer County IL m Edmund Chandler b. NC d. Mercer Co.
IL d. Mercer County, IL
6. James GORDON (b. 1827) d. 23 Feb 1906 Washington Co. IN m Sarah Ann LOUDEN (15 Dec 1833 - 27 June 1917)
7. Nancy GORDON (1 May 1834 - 14 Feb 1917) Washington Co IN m. Robert Lusk BROWN (24 Oct 1826 - 9 Jan 1868) Washington Co IN
8. Margaret GORDON (12 Dec 1836 - 17 May 1871) m. Alvin BOLING b. abt 1837 d. 27 Mar 1864 both Washington Co IN
9. Henry GORDON (24 July 1839 - 27 Aug 1909) Washington Co IN m. 1st Virginia BROCK (23 Nov 1847 - 10 Mar 1889) Reno Co KS m. 2nd Martha Jane PENNINGTON (2 May 1860 - 1 Oct 1832) Washington Co IN
10. Milton GORDON (1842 - Oct 1896) m. Amanda OVERSHINER (1846 - 27 Dec 1885)
Washington Co IN
11. Elvira GORDON (9 Dec 1844 - 11 Aug 1923) m. Levi SPURGEON (2 July 1826 NC - 14
April 1900) Washington Co IN

DNA Kits:
GG1, 19380, 18591

1. Alfred GORDON was listed in Bartlett WOODWARDS Will dated 1821 Monroe Co IN
(no other records on Alfred though)
2. Howard GORDON d. 23 May 1861 Washington County, IN
3. Mary (Shields) GORDON d. 14 Jan 1883 Washington County, IN.
4. Polly (Woodward) GORDON d. bet 1817 and 1820 place unk.
5. Mary and Howard had one unnamed child that "died in bed"

Beryl Gordon family files


9. James GORDON (d. 1785) in Lincoln Co KY (predecessor to Madison Co KY)

In his will, he mentions a wife and ALL his children, but none by name.
Received a VA land grant for Lincoln Co KY in 1783

Lincoln County, KY Will and Admin. Records by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, LDS files



10. John GORDON (d. 1785) and Elizabeth DAVIS (d. 1797) in Lincoln Co KY (predecessor to Madison Co)


1. John GORDON Jr. (b. mid-1700s) and Jane GORDON
2. Elizabeth GORDON (b. mid-1700s)
3. Janette GORDON (b. mid-1700s)
4. William GORDON (b. mid-1700s)
5. Mary GORDON (b. mid-1700s) m. P. LINDEN
6. Nancy GORDON (b. mid-1700s) m. Abner MARTIN
7. Ambrose GORDON (b. mid-1700s)
8. Jeanette GORDON (b. mid-1700s)

Received a VA land grant for Lincoln Co KY in 1781

Lincoln County, KY Will and Admin. Records by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, LDS files


11. John GORDON, SR.
of St Jame's Northam Parish, Goochland Co. VA was married 25 Mar 1758 to JUDITH MORACET (MORRISET) of Manikintowne Parish.  (Recorded....St. James Parish

John Gordon, Sr died in 1803.  His will was dated July 18, 1803, Goochland Co. VA.  In November of that year it was presented by sons Wm and John in Clark Co. KY who requested verification by witnesses that their father was of sound mind.  The witnesses were questioned and verified that Jno Gordon was in sound mind at that time.  The will was approved 8 March 1804 and was returned to Clark Co KY.  In this will John Gordon, Sr. leaves all of his estate  both real and personal to his dearly beloved wife, Judith, during her natural life and at the time of her death both real and personal property shall be sold by my executors...shall be equally distributed among my nine children...  I appoint my sons William and John executors    hereby evoking all former wills by me made in testimony... Judith died aft 1814 in Clark Co, KY.

KY (Clark Co - formed from Madison Co KY)


Children of John GORDON, SR and Judith MORACET (All born in Goochland Co. VA):

1) Elizabeth GORDON b. 31 Mar 1759 md 17 Dec 1771 John UTLEY, b. 1755                

2) Mary GORDON b. 10 Mar 1761 md 15 Dec 1783  Vachel FAUDRIE                      

3) John GORDON b. 26 Sep 1763 md abt 18 Sep 1783 to Mary ROUNTREE, b.1761 

Children of John GORDON, JR.:

David M. GORDON, son of John and Mary ROUNTREE (all the old Gordons said Rountree) b. 13 Oct 1801 Clark Co. KY md 20 Jan 1820, Clark Co. KY

Elizabeth (Betsey) ROUT b. abt 1805, died 1849

Children of David M. GORDON and Mary ROUNTREE:

1) Martha (Patsey) GORDON, b. 15 Jan 1821, died 4 June 1859, Platte Co MO, md 6 Feb 1837  Alexander ANDERSON, born Sep 25, 1805, VA,  the son of Archibald ANDERSON, b. VA

2) Catherine GORDON, b. 7 Nov 1822, d. 12 Aug 1893, Clark Co KY md Dec 1, 1840 Charles S. LOCKNANE, b. 26 Nov 1813, Clark Co KY, son of John and Nancy Gordon LOCKNANE, d. 1862

3) Narcissa GORDON, b. abt 1830, Clark Co. KY

4) John D. GORDON, b. c1832, Clark Co. KY md Polly A. Jones, b. abt 1836, Clark Co KY

5) Mary GORDON, b. abt 1834, Clark Co. KY, d. 20 Jan 1852, Clark Co KY

6) James W. GORDON, b. abt 1835, Clark Co KY md 1) 18 Feb 1858, Clark Co KY Mary Ann OWEN, d. of William Roby and Eleanor Cullom (HUKILL) OWEN, then md 2) Mahala OWEN, sister of late wife

7) Sarah Ann (Sally) GORDON, b. abt 1839, Clark co. KY md Sep 1, 1854, Richard Thomas OWEN, b. Dec 8, 1828,    died 1909, Clark Co. Ky son of William Roby OWEN and Eleanor,         

**David M. Gordon md 2) Sarah (Sally) ROBERSON 26 Dec 1850, she was the daughter of Emily ROBERSON. David is widowed on the 1850 Census but md on the 1860 Census...Clark Co. KY

4) Lucy GORDON md JOHN ROUNTREE, son of Randall ROUNTREE   

5) Judith GORDON, b. 3 Aug 1770 md STEPHEN LEWIS

6) William GORDON, b. abt 1772 md Sarah BRUCE, b. 1776

 Children of William GORDON:

1) Milly GORDON m. Henry MULLINS

2) Nancy GORDON m. 1821 Daniel HARDIN

3) William GORDON, Jr.

4) Jackson GORDON m. 1839, m. Sally WATTS

5) Judith GORDON m. 1819 John A. PIGG

6) Patison  (Patterson)? GORDON

7) Elizabeth GORDON m. 1824 Tandy PRICE

8) Benjamin GORDON

9) Jane GORDON m. 1830 John LOCKNANE

10) Sarah GORDON m 1835 Frederick RAKER


7) Frances GORDON (Fanny) m. 15 Nov William LEWIS 

8) Nancy GORDON md Miles LOCKNANE 

9) Benjamin GORDON b. 11 Jan 1785, d 22 Jul 1852, Ray Co MO m 21 NOV 1803 md Mary (Polly) DENNIS in Clark Co. KY, daughter of John Dennis & Sarah ROUNTREE

 Children of Benjamin GORDON and Mary DENNIS:


Randall GORDON

Clarissa GORDON (1809-1900) md Thomas BABER

Elizabeth GORDON m Asa D. BRASHEAR

Benjamin GORDON, Jr m Martha SACRE


 This John GORDON, SR. family may be related to the Gordons of Mercer Co. KY and / or the Madison Co. KY Gordons.


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